Future proof businesses.

Your VZTA digital high street equips businesses with free tools to communicate quickly and easily with their consumers.

Compete with online giants.

We’re empowering small, independent high street businesses to compete online. Taking big business tools and resources, making them accessible to everyone - even the independents and one-man-bands.

Drive footfall to the high street.

At the heart of what we do, our technology connects the high street with the people working and living locally. Aware of what’s around, from products to services, offers and more, we get your business in front of the people close to you.

Increase sales.

Sell more when you’re part of VZTA. Engage with relevant locals and visitors to the area that directly increases footfall and therefore grows sales for you and the rest of the high street.

Achieve more, together.

Retain your independence but achieve more as a collective. Shared resources and unified messaging help you to work with other businesses around you. It helps keep you all moving in the same direction, making changes and improving your high street more effectively.

Save time and money.

Marketing, sales and promotion all take time and money. VZTA allows you to promote your business to the people close to you. Best of all, it’s free for both businesses and consumers.

Communicate more effectively.

Unlike other social and advertising channels, you’re not left competing against others with rising costs to gain your customer’s attention. Message boards, promotional posts and detailed business listings allow you to get the right information in front of your potential consumers.

Respond quickly to change.

Last minute offers? Promotional events? Perhaps you’ve got stock that’s close to it’s sell-by-date? Create and get a listing in front of your audience within seconds. VZTA is the always-on platform to help you make changes like you would on the high street.