Developing thriving towns

Your VZTA digital high street brings consumers and businesses closer together to create thriving places to shop, work and live.

Support local businesses.

Giving independent businesses the tools they need to compete today. VZTA helps them connect with consumers and engage customers. Businesses also get direct access to groups, advice and support available where they are.

Empower the whole community.

For business, consumers, local authorities and stakeholders, VZTA brings people together and empowers the community with information, products, services and support they’re looking for.

Create your town identity.

Provide a sense of place where you live and work. Every town is unique and VZTA allows you to embrace it. Develop your town's identity online for the community who live there as well as those visiting.

A platform to promote

Connect with your audience like never before. Engaging both the businesses and consumers, you’re able to communicate directly quickly and efficiently. From message boards for consumers to groups that engage users - as well as direct messaging. We bring people together.

Be informed by data

Behind VZTA sits a wealth of information. Backed by data, you’re able to make better decisions for your town and local area. With transparency on actions, activities and trends, you’re able to seize opportunities and take action - faster.