Empowering Local Authorities

Your VZTA digital high street gives access to rich data, better communication and effective tools for Local Authorities.

One powerful, central system.

Everything you need, all in one place. Your dashboard sites at the heart of VZTA giving you a complete view of what’s going on where you are. Easily control, organise and communicate information and details with partners, businesses and the community.

Easy to implement and manage.

We save you time, money and resources. Our onboarding team and quick start tools make setting up and managing VZTA in your location a doddle. Our easy to use interface gives control to the people who need it, allowing you to effectively manage users and businesses.

Communicate and engage with communities.

Get your message directly to the people you’re trying to connect too. Broadcast messages to businesses and consumers in seconds. Push notifications, message boards and direct mail make it easy to engage your town.

Effective digital transformation.

More than just a digital high street, we’re the people that power entire smart town ecosystems. Our comprehensive platform ensures engagement of the entire community, providing the tools you need for effective digital transformation..

Increase high street footfall.

VZTA is the tool to drive people to the high street. By showcasing products and services online with the audiences that matter most, we turn online scrollers into high street shoppers.  

Encourage collaboration.

Together we can achieve more. VZTA connects local authorities with the business and consumers. Working together, we develop towns that are able to achieve more when they work together.

Help businesses compete online

Providing the digital platform for small and local businesses to complete with the online giants. We enable businesses to connect with their consumers. Our local focus cuts through the noise of national offerings, helping local businesses to connect with people close to them.

Comprehensive data source.

Amend, confirm, sort, organise and report at the click of the button - giving you access to the information you need to take action.Reporting, informing from live data, VZTA can be a vital tool to aid decision making for Local Authorities.

Future proofed technology.

No out-of-date systems, software or technology. Based in the cloud, we monitor, update and upgrade our platform constantly, giving you access to the latest performance without the headaches and associated management costs.